Leveraging Smartphones, Innovating Insights

Media audience measurement mechanisms are largely driven by Television, Press & Radio, the primary media vehicles consumed by the first 200 Mn consumers. Apart from Television audience measurement which is meter based, Radio audience measurement is largely recall based using electronic or paper diary. These measurement lead to computation of audience reach and ratings of programs and channels / stations. The next wave of 500 Mn consumers of media, are ‘Smart Mobile First’ in their media consumption orientation. Hence, the mechanism required for measuring media
consumption as applicable till now has to be adapted to new realities.

We have invented a patent pending technological framework to address media measurement on smartphones with an initial focus on Broadcast Radio, Audio Streaming & Podcasting, which are the lifeline of the future. We have a road-map leading to Video and Gaming platforms in the near future. All this we do in Real Time.

We measure media consumption on smart devices in real time

Area of Research Situation Today With our Product
Data collection Manual data collection based on recall method by panel members. Prone to inaccuracy Passive data collection of actual behavior. Real time and Accurate. No human intervention.
Sample Size Very small samples. Statistical significance challenged. Possible to cover large, near population Sample sizes with our tool embedded on phones, taking away any statistical challenges.
Mode of Data Collection Some products need to ‘Listen’ to everything around the panel member. Big privacy concern. Data is collected from Smartphone only for ‘Events’ like change of radio station or audio app. Opt in method during registration. No privacy challenges at all.
Availability of Data Takes four to six weeks Immediate and Real Time

Core Team

Manoj Dawane

Founder & CEO

25 years of innovating & operating experience in tech, media and telecom. MMS and Bachelors in Engineering from Mumbai University

Rajshree Dave

Research & Analytics Head

23 years of research domain expertise, Business Process and change management experience at executive levels. MBA and Bachelors in Psychology from Pune University

Shailesh Varudkar

23 years experience in Business Operations with a demonstrated history of successfully setting up new ecosystems in mobility space. Worked in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Mobile Content, Customer Lifecycle Management, Mobile Applications, Management and Account Management with excellent understanding of techno-commercial and legal aspects.

Shashank Mehta

Experience in ideating & managing consumer-facing high impact products. Love a high dose of consumer analytics & coffee every day.